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Help elderly people who suffer from dyspnea

Help elderly people who suffer from dyspnea

One, five or ten euro. Who would altogether pay such an amount of money to make life easier for elderly people?

In order to keep alive a patient suffering from oxygen deprivation, an oxygen concentrator is needed. This device prepares oxygen, which can be dosed to the patient in ambient air by nitrogen filtration and compression. If feeling sick and if the ambulance does not arrive in time, this device can save lives!

There are many retirement homes for the elderly who cannot afford such a device. Which reflects precisely on those being cared for.  

Casa Hermina Association which is connected with the care of the elderly and manages the activity of two retirement homes near Cluj wants to buy an oxygen concentrator to avoid patient suffering. Its price is EUR 850, amount which cannot be provided from personal sources.

In order to ease the lives of patients suffering from dyspnea, our Association makes a donation call to all those who want and are able to contribute to the purchase of the life-saving device.

Using the form below you can donate a smaller amount that will be used for the abovementioned purpose. Any contribution, no matter how small it is, will help us.

Help our elder care Association to make our patients' day to day life easier. What for you is petty cash can ease the lives of others. Donate a small amount for a noble goal.

Can you contribute with a few EUR?


Thank you,

Felházi Lóránt

President of the Association

86,00 € 10%
850,00 €
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