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About us

About us


The "Casa Hermina" Association offers residential services for the elderly, aiming to help the elderly, and  their families.

The two Nursing Homes are located in quiet areas, a few kilometers from Cluj-Napoca, one of them being in Gilău and the other in Dezmir, Apahida.

Both residential centers are located near the European road and the public transport stations.

Mrs. Florica – Resident in our Nursing Home  - has a saying:  Old age does not come with dancing and singing ... and most Residents  approve it, But  the same time they makes us understand that they feel much better  with us, in a society/ big family), rather than alone trying to cope with the problems of the third age.

We understand their situation, and -  by offering all our support-, we want to ensure a pleasant stay with us, encouraging  them  to forget the worries of life, to sing, and - why not - even to ... DANCE!


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