Despre Casa Hermina

The “Casa Hermina” Association offers residential services for the elderly, aiming to help the elderly, and their families.

The two Nursing Homes are located in quiet areas, a few kilometers from Cluj-Napoca, one of them being in Gilău and the other in Dezmir, Apahida.

Both residential centers are located near the European road and the public transport stations.

Mrs. Florica – Resident in our Nursing Home – has a saying: Old age does not come with dancing and singing … and most Residents approve it, But the same time they makes us understand that they feel much better with us, in a society/ big family), rather than alone trying to cope with the problems of the third age.

We understand their situation, and – by offering all our support-, we want to ensure a pleasant stay with us, encouraging them to forget the worries of life, to sing, and – why not – even to … DANCE!